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General Rules

Post by Jhon Reese on Sat Apr 29, 2017 8:41 pm

Server Rules
1 - Not knowing the server rules is not an excuse to avoid punishment.
2 - You may not prop kill.
3 - You may not prop surf.
4 - You may not prop climb.
5 - You may not, break character, or metagame.
6 - You may not, abuse, spam music or cop bait.
7 - You may not prop block. You have to have at least one entrance into your base. You cannot have no entrances.
8 - You cannot roleplay as any sexual job (ex. a rapist or a prostitute).
9 - You may not log in or out to avoid a roleplay situation.
10 - You may heat boost.
11 - You may not use any communication devices (in-game) while restrained.
12 - Sexual harassment, hate speech and/or racist remarks of any nature will not be tolerated.
13 - Do not attempt to remove yourself from a roleplay situation with untraditional methods.
14 - Do not, take disrespect to the extreme (IG). Do not disrespect players and staff (OOC).
15 - Do not, power game. Power gaming is when someone is using the ability to do /me to the extreme (ex. /me kicks so many times, so he dies).
16 - Don’t roleplay as an animal.
17 - You may not buy a property with the intention of not using it.
18 - Try and roleplay to the best of your ability and attempt to act realistic at all times.
19 - You may not sit on other players.
20 - Do not sit in a moving vehicle.
21 - You may not kill someone without a valid RP reason, otherwise it would be classed as RDM.

NLR (New Life Rule):
If you have died from an unfortunate event you;

1 - Can remember your mates.
2 - Cannot remember who killed you.
3 - Cannot return to the proximity you died in for (10) minutes after you respawn
4 - Cannot join re-join in an event or role play situation you died in.

The value of Life:
1 - You must value your life and others players lives at all times.
2 - When being held at gunpoint, you must not pull out any sort of weapon. The only instance that you can pull a weapon out on a person who has a gun or weapon to you is if the person who is pointing the weapon turns their back or looks away from you then.
3 - When held at gunpoint by police officers or civilians you must not run away or attempt to run away as this will be classed as fear-rp. The only instance when you may run away is when there is a large distance between you and the individual (that has the weapon).
4 - When held at gunpoint you must listen and abide by what the police officer or civilian is telling you to do.
5 - You may not enter a situation with a larger group, (ex. 2v8). This would be far too big of a risk to take.
6 - You may not role play as a suicidal individual.

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